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Labozeta, the interface between Science, technology and Culture

This novel communicative approach creates a new bond of trust in the context of scientific knowledge. It is a culture that promotes a different kind of dialogue, also thanks to training, as well as the sharing of projects and of the results obtained. In the context of a renewed collaboration between science and
society, Labozeta encourages a higher level of safety and facilitates progress, by means of conferences, round tables, seminars and workshops.
In its role as a publisher of distinction, Labozeta is also deeply committed to creating and disseminating publications addressing themes connected with scientific research, culture in general, and excellence in
business and industry.

The Labozeta concerts, where academic research and industry come together

The concerts organized by Labozeta now offer a genuine opportunity to create connections between academic research and industry. Starting in 2016, these events have become a reference point that significantly expands professional networks, offering exciting new possibilities for establishing relationships and for strengthening those that already exist, giving a vital boost to many shared socio-economic activities.

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