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Mosaico di eccellenza

The "Laboratorio Unico"

Pievesestina di Cesena

The Laboratorio Unico at Pievesestina di Cesena in the Northern Italian region of Romagna is a building complex with a very particular approach to planning and design according to rigorous scientific organizational principles. The specialized clinical activities of these combined laboratories constitute an efficient network that facilitates communication and connection with the surrounding territory.

The external and internal architecture seems to echo certain characteristics of Byzantine mosaic art, so that, in the same way that the pieces of a mosaic are combined to create harmonic and evocative images, the design of the Laboratorio Unico is conceived so that each element has a function that acts in collaboration and harmony with the others. The spaces and environments are all organized according to functional criteria with the use of technology that has been developed in order to improve the efficiency of the services of clinical analysis provided by the laboratories.

The Laboratorio Unico has a very particular layout and structure both inside and outside the building complex, which is reminiscent of the way individual mosaic tiles are combined and juxtaposed to form a coherent image. In this publication mosaic tiles are juxtaposed to form the Laboratorio Unico with its particular layout and structure both inside and outside the building complex. The various individual laboratories in fact thus like mosaic tiles that are juxtaposed and interconnect and collaborate, to mirror the way that the provinces in the Romagna region are linked up by a sophisticated and efficient system of collecting clinical samples, which are then transported and monitored until they arrive at their destination, the Laboratorio Unico, and the reports of their analysis are delivered. The careful planning of this system for dealing with the demands of the surrounding territory has made it uniquely efficient in its ability to carry out more than 20 million clinical tests a year.

Some facts and figures

The combined laboratories have an outstanding new approach to clinical pathology, with a network of services active 24 hours a day, which offers swift and timely support to all hospitals in the Romagna region. A "smart chain" minimizes the time that passes between the arrival of clinical samples and the reports of their analysis, for both urgent tests as well as scheduled procedures of analysis. The information system of the Laboratorio Unico ranks as one of the most important achievements in Italy and Europe as a whole.

  • 10,000 dedicated to the laboratories
  • 1,200,000 citizens served by the structure
  • 2,400,000 annual requests for clinical examinations
  • 20,239,919 clinical examinations carried out in 2010.
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