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Education and information

Education and information are two genuinely dynamic means for the acquisition of knowledge that are distinct and yet complementary. With the possibility of immediately and directly transferring data and contents that are conveyed in an organic way, information and communication are now exceptionally fast, immediately accessible and well-targeted.
Education has become an indispensable tool for the precise and methodical acquisition of specific skills so as to ensure well-qualified professional training. It is a process of the teaching and learning of the necessary know-how for performing a particular activity, and therefore has to be based on the concrete aspects of the theories involved. It becomes particularly effective when it is supported by ongoing promotion, development and updating.
In order for education or training to be successful it requires a direct relationship between those who provide the information and know-how and the learners who require access to it.


Outstanding education

A form of training and education that makes use of multiple disciplines and fields of knowledge and that aims to identify and utilise the so-called best practices for communication and performance can be defined as outstanding because it can provide information and updates that make it possible to expand one's abilities, as well as to reorganize and improve one's openness and adaptation to new methods and processes which allow for the acquisition of vital skills.



Experiential education

This is a kind of training and education conducted by means of theoretical content in a context of interactive exchange that enables these theories to be applied in a concrete way. It allows for the reshaping of one's abilities via a form of teaching that is no longer based solely on the student-teacher relationship, but on a space that is dedicated to simple and direct communication, so that the classroom becomes an open place or agora for providing information and education, in which one can establish relationships in order to learn new information not only thanks to the integration of “what you lack”, but also by enhancing the recognition and reinforcement of “what you already have” and making it more effective. In this way an awareness of one's abilities is promoted, strengthening a subjective sense of security in one's work and actions, and encouraging their practical implementation.


Multidisciplinary education and integrated skills

This is multidisciplinary and interactive training and education that offers not only a dialogue between the different skills within the sector but also an interchange, by means of promoting integrated expertise and know-how for enhancing not only the concept of "performance" in a professional context, but also that of competence.


A transversal approach to information

This is an individualized learning path that establishes and utilizes a cross-sectoral vision of information and knowledge, with a learning approach that is based on the resources, skills and professional experience acquired over many years by experts in the sector who can provide important opportunities for growth and learning.
These high quality resources constitute a special combination of professionalism that is able to ensure a high level of expertise.


Flexibility of contents

The training courses of Labozeta offer specific thematic modules that are formulated and combined depending on varied requirements.
The flexibility of their contents provides the possibility of integrating different teaching modules so as to ensure a personalized approach that is tailored to the individual’s training and education needs.