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Our company

Labozeta, safety in laboratory

Founded in 1983, Labozeta is an entirely Italian joint-stock company.

With an important presence all over the country, Labozeta has designed and manufactured scientific laboratories since 1983 and has an EN ISO 9001:2008 (Vision 2008) certification.

Labozeta plans and designs laboratories by using an experienced team which deals with every detail and stage of development: starting from the analysis of the context of the intervention, through the implementation of preventive and protective measures, until the overall management of the design projects with the use of updates and checks, as well as on-site modifications and improvements.

The Research & Innovation Department of Labozeta is constantly engaged in the study of new technologies and advanced manufacturing processes, in order to ensure the highest levels of prevention and protection to those who work in science labs, while also investigating and instituting the most advanced solutions and applications in the sectors of Health, Research, Control, Forensics, Industry and Education.

Having worked for many years in close association with the international scientific community, Labozeta organizes a wide range of training courses in the areas of Quality, Safety Accreditation and Management, as well as safety in the laboratory, in collaboration with academics, freelance experts and consultants.

Our mission

The value of expertise

Professional skills and high-level business profiles go to make up a team that is always ready to respond to the changing demands of the market.

The value of knowlegde

Information and knowledge are a priceless heritage to be shared. Communication, information and education are the perfect tools for the dissemination of knowledge.

The value of culture

Always reaching the benchmarks for excellence in our field is one of our most ambitious goals, in order to divulge the knowledge that makes our country great.

About us