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Köttermann and Labozeta, a long-lasting partnership: at the service of science

It is a well-known fact that the union between the German company Köttermann GmbH, a world leader in the field of scientific laboratories, and the Italian company Labozeta Spa, an important protagonist of the design sector, has existed for many years now. To this day the two companies meet and liaise regularly to discuss their industrial policies and to strengthen their long-standing partnership even further, so as to ensure that safety and sustainability will always have absolute priority.

The recent visit of Kazim Doyuran, Vice President of Global Sales at Köttermann, to Labozeta's headquarters in Italy is another sign of this commercial union between the two companies, which – as the President of Labozeta Giancarlo De Matthaeis relates – was in some ways anticipated even before Labozeta was set up in 1983: "I was just twenty years old" says De Matthaeis "and I was in Germany, when I met the founder of Köttermann, Johann Köttermann, for whom I had been working, actually for a rather short period. I then had several other professional experiences that led me to travel outside Europe and it was only some years later that I got in contact once again with the people I had met in Germany and started out on an entrepreneurial cooperation with them that is still going strong today. I feel that this coincidence was perhaps also a sign of our future destiny together".

Since starting their partnership Köttermann and Labozeta have collaborated on the planning and creation of thousands of scientific laboratories all over Europe, as well as in the wider Mediterranean area. De Matthaeis goes on to state the company's policies: "With Köttermann we are studying new modalities and new innovative processes that can bring the greatest possible benefits to those who work in scientific laboratories on a daily basis, especially in the sectors of science, teaching and research. We are constantly developing new cutting-edge technological solutions in which safety and sustainability are our priorities. Today we are faced with an epochal change, which means that economic objectives must be fully supported by suitable solutions that permit not only those who work in laboratories, but the whole of civil society, to live in a world that is safer and especially more sustainable. I wish to emphasize once more that this is not just inside laboratories, but everywhere".

Before long the leaders of the German company will be visiting Labozeta Spa in Rome again, in order to discuss industrial strategies and the new opportunities that will probably soon arise for enhancing the development of this very important sector.