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The workplaces of LABOZETA

Thanks to the work of a technical engineering team, the design and construction of our laboratories ensures the total safety of workers in their daily activities. The workplaces designed by Labozeta, in addition to adhering to the most rigorous security requirements and regulations, create a perfect balance between close attention to the human factor and the use of sophisticated technological systems in order to protect the entire working environment and its products.

The approach of Labozeta is based on a philosophy of security inside bright and harmonious spaces, where all the elements are united by light and colour, and where one feels at ease in a tranquil, healthy and protected workplace. The sobriety and the rational arrangement of these environments, coupled with the neutrality of the light, is complemented by the energy of colour to create an atmosphere that combines measured calmness with fervor and dynamism.

Because the individual and the organization coexist while influencing each other, the workplaces of Labozeta are designed to enable people to carry out their tasks in a safe, efficient, healthy, comfortable and productive way, always considering the human factor as the central element of the system. These are not only workspaces, but places where the processes and the flow of energy can feed and fuel the mission and the culture of the workplace, making the activities of researchers and employees more stimulating and giving them the reassuring sense of being in a secure laboratory that is always aware of their presence and sensitive to their needs.

The added value of Labozeta is thus the creation of safe conditions in professional environments that can stimulate creative new ways of thinking and of finding solutions to complex problems. In these comfortable and welcoming laboratories, thanks to the harmony of light, colour and space, it is possible to experience a whole new way of living and working..

Labozeta - Spazio 9 - Virtual Design